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Up My Dosage

September 23, 2019

Did you guys watch the TV show Legion on FX? If not, hell - you must watch it. It’s one of the best shows in recent years. Incredible design, cinematography, music, psychological fuckery. It sticks with you. You want to talk to your friends about it. You want to download the soundtrack and time travel. You want to steal all of David’s clothes. I’m super lucky to have worked on it as a visual effects artist at Refuge Studio here in Portland. Fred, my boss, gifted the crew these cool notebooks from artwork on one of the Legion posters. If anyone knows this fabulous artist, I will make her/him/they a drink any time. Fred also gave me this awesome LED stage light for my cocktail photos... so you know what I had to do. In my day job I’m challenged and get to be creative every day. Like Legion, it’s always weird, disorienting and surprising. And for me that’s pretty much my meaning of life. What’s yours? Have this drink and have a think on it.⠀

Up My Dosage⠀
1 oz London Dry Gin⠀
1 oz Aperol⠀
1 oz lemon juice⠀
Several dashes lavender bitters⠀

Of course this drink has that appropriately eerie Aperol glow. You can use some LED ice cubes for some extra vfx if you’re so inclined 😃




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