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Melancholy Radish

September 2, 2019

This is one of the oddest cocktails I’ve made and well, that’s really saying something 😉 There is a specialty grocery store here in Portland - Providore - and I absolutely love going there because I’m going to find something weird and unusual. On this particular day. I found black radishes and my little goth heart rejoiced (in a somber, unaffected way, of course). They also had the most beautiful local flat leafed parsley and I knew the splendid radish and gorgeous parsley must have a cocktail baby in my kitchen.⁣

2 oz black radish and toasted peppercorn infused gin 
.75 oz parsley infused Genepy⁣

.25 oz black peppercorn syrup

I knew the gin choice would be key here - something exceptional with no juniper or floral bombs. Distillery 209 gin is smooth and perfect here with the sharpness of the radish. I infused for about 48 hours. People always ask about infusion times and honestly - hell if I know! I just do what feels and smells right. This is an absolutely stellar drink if you are down for something odd and pungent. I was sort of hoping the black radish skin would turn the gin black because honestly Halloween cannot come soon enough for me 😍🖤👻




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