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Saffron Rocks

August 7, 2019

If I had a dollar for every time I bought an odd candy/knick knack/vegetable and thought “What drink can I make out of this?” I’d be wealthy as hell. Friday I was at happy hour with my flavor sensei friend, having just purchased these amazingly cool saffron rock candy sticks and some pistachios. I asked her what drink I should make and she suggested making pistachio orgeat because she’s a genius.⁣

1.5 oz safflower infused mezcal 
.75 oz pistachio orgeat⁣
.5 oz Meyer lemon juice⁣
.25 oz falernum⁣

I had also bought some safflower which is a joy because it’s WAY less expensive than threads and gives you a bit of saffron flavor and color. And now of course I’m in 💚 with pistachio orgeat (small note: I substituted rose water for orange water).




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