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A Radish Walks Into a Bar (Remix)

July 29, 2019

It’s getting so vegetable-y around here, and I keep thinking about one of my favorite cocktails in All of Portland. It’s on the menu at Imperial and they call it “A Radish Walks Into a Bar.” Here’s my remix:⁣

A Radish Walks Into a Bar (Reeeee Mix!)⁣
1.5 oz old Tom gin (Ransom Spirits)
.5 oz sweet vermouth (Carpano Antica)
.75 oz lemon juice⁣
.5 oz radish gastrique⁣
Cracked pepper & salt⁣

I love the radish component SO MUCH. I made this for my friends who said I had overdone the radish - in fact, I believe Migs said it tasted like “old monk’s feet,” which compelled me to back off on the radish gastrique, which was originally @ 1.5 oz. I guess I could really be happy drinking a glass of radish gastrique, but I am a fricking heathen. So back off, non-heathens, and enjoy. I also learned how to make radish roses on YouTube so don’t even think I’m not working on my garnish game ✌🏻



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