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Grass Skirt

July 19, 2019

A great joy about being in this cocktail community is getting experimenty and riffing on each other’s drinks 💚 Recently my Portland cocktail friends and I have smacked around some cocktails featuring Skinos Mastiha 😋 Matt made a superb one, but he is a bit less oversharey on social media than me. So here I credit his original genius and splash some bold gin, Genepy, and basil around. And gab publicly about it.⁣⁣
1.5 oz Skinos Mastiha⁣⁣
.75 oz Gin @bullyboybooze⁣⁣
.5 oz Genepy⁣⁣
.75 oz lemon⁣⁣
.25 basil simple⁣⁣
Egg white⁣⁣
Basil chiffonade⁣⁣
It’s grassy, it’s basil-peppery, it’s juniper berry-y and it’ll make you want to dance on your lawn <drunk hula dancer emoji - WHY am I not on the emoji making committee?>⁣⁣




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