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Strawberry Pisco Sour

June 17, 2019

It’s strawberry season and today I picked an epic f*ckton and naturally came home and immediately boozified some of them, ‘cause that’s what we do, right? 💚⁣

Strawberry Pisco Sour⁣
2 oz pisco @machu_pisco⁣
1 oz lime juice⁣
.5 oz strawberry simple syrup⁣
Egg white⁣
Chuncho bitters⁣
I went a wee bit heavier on the syrup but not up to .75 - ymmv. Now guess what I’m gonna do? A) Make another B) Make strawberry shortcake and have a shameful dinner C) A+B while watching tv shows about food D) All of the above x 2. 😍



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