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Empress Aviation

June 6, 2019

The craft store (specifically Michaels) is my crack den - whenever I need some extra inspo I go wander the aisles and ogle the glitter, fondle the seasonal trinkets, make up little stories in the stickers section. Knowing I wanted to do something excellent with my last bit of Empress gin, I made my nerdy pilgrimage to the Promised Land. On this particular lucky day I found “water jewels,” which look like tiny beads and grow wayyyy bigger in liquid 💦 And since I’ve so far failed at spherification, these made me super happy. I also had fun with this photo capture. Tell me something better and prettier than an Aviation made with violet gin.⁣

2 oz Empress gin
.5 oz maraschino liqueur⁣
.25 oz creme de violette⁣
.75voz lemon juice⁣
Shake with ice/stir/strain. Pour over water jewels, drink carefully since the jewels are a choking hazard for um children 😬



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