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May 10, 2019

Chixology takes a break from relentless flower explosion photos to suck a drink out of a glass globe. Did I drive 30 minutes to Sonic Drive-In to get a big cup of their pellet ice for this drink? Yes I did. Did I then leave it in the car too long and it mostly melted? Yes I did. Did I love drinking it with this gorgeous glass straw anyway? I really DID 💕 You know I love me some shiny things, and glass is such an elegant and resilient alternative to plastic straws. Let’s accessorize our drinks better and make a happier planet, hey? 🌎 ⁣
✨✨✨✨ ⁣
2 oz grapefruit gin (Malfy)
1.75 oz Aperol 
.75 oz fresh lemon juice⁣
.5 oz pomegranate simple syrup⁣
Pomegranate seeds⁣
Glass straw 

Have you tried the Malfy grapefruit yet? I die. It’s going to be all up in my summer, along with these straws. Check out all the pretty colors:




Made in Oregon!



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