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Thyme for a Lemon Brainfreeze

February 7, 2019

⁣I love when my friends encourage creativity.  My besties recently had a supper club with a theme: CITRUS. I got my nerd on and whipped up this boozy frozen nugget:

1 c gin con limone @malfygin
.75 c thyme-infused simple syrup 
.75 c fresh lemon juice

This is a loose recipe - you’ll want to taste the hell out of it (tough work). I think I may have added more lemon juice in the end... but I did lots of tasting so things get fuzzy and of course I tend to forget to write down modifications. My intention was for it to turn out more like a granita, but depending on freezer temp, it’s somewhere on the granita <-> slushy scale. Serve it in wee lemons and if you’re so inclined, melt down some hard lemon candy with sprigs of thyme. It smells damn great. The Malfy lemon gin is a flavor miracle 🍋 And if you have the right friends they will deplete the lemons and proceed to refill them with various combinations of gin, Aperol, or anything within reach, really 🙂🙃🙂



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