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We Are All Born Superstars

January 24, 2019

When I first heard the term “on the spectrum,” I thought YES! What a beautiful way to describe the human personality - an infinite slide of light, color, electromagnetics. When I found out it meant something quite different, I was a little disappointed 😉 But the more I thought about it and ribboned it around in my head, the more I decided I still love it. It’s pure white light filtered through prisms, constantly shifting, bright blinking wavelengths. 🌈🌈🌈 Each of us changes, each of us changes everything we touch. What I’m saying is: I enjoy your frequency, thank you for being here. ⁣

1.5 oz citrus vodka @threeolivesvodka⁣
1 oz blue curaçao ⁣
2 oz orange juice⁣
.25 oz grenadine ⁣
Splash soda⁣

⭐️ Garnish with a star⁣



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