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Jude's Night Oot

December 21, 2018

It’s the jolly time of #SecretSanté, a Secret Santa cocktail exchange for all the good boys and girls of instagram, created by the OG Booze Santa @servedbysoberon 🎅🏻🍹. I was delighted to draw the lovely @drinks_with_jude to create a cocktail for. Jude, where had you been all my life? Perusing your feed I know for sure that we would have a blast getting our nails done and uproariously drunklaughing over delicious gin drinks. Jude is from Fife, Scotland and has a love for gins - in fact she posted a couple of “gin shrines” which let me know we’d definitely be boozy besties 😀 Her feed encouraged me to purchase the divine Opihr gin and make a spicy version of a gin sour, one of her favorite cocktails. For a unique kick I wanted to incorporate dragon fruit. I made dragonfruit syrup but it was kind of pointless flavor-wise so I used it as an ornament instead, and I thought Jude would like a little of the sparkle sparkle with the spice of the gin. Jude, I love your style, your photos, your sense of fun. Happy Holidays and I hope you will enjoy a:
Jude’s Night Oot
1.5 oz gin @opihrgin
.5 oz Aperol @aperolusa
1 oz Meyer lemon juice
.25 oz honey/cardamom/black pepper syrup
Dash cardamom bitters
Dash rose water
Egg white
Dry shake/wet shake/pour in glamorous glass (thank you @lysebeck!) A wink and a wave to @drinks_with_jude and @servedbysoberon. Thanks for the fun ❤️💚❤️



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