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Olive Oil Martini

November 18, 2018

Three words for y’all: OLIVE OIL MARTINI. The “gin” is enthusiastically implied here 😉 I had one of these at the spectacular new Portland bar, Botanist, the other night and I was newly blown away. You gotta have one there - silky and cold perfection. I immediately came home and threw a few cardamom pods in my fave Botanist gin, shook it up with some olive oil, and put it in the freezer. Today I had a little reward when I strained it and added a few shakes of grapefruit and cardamom bitters, Dolin dry vermouth, and garnished with a grapefruit peel. I know we all love our froofy drinks and epic Escher-like garnishes, but DAMN sometimes there’s truly nothing better than a quality silvery-chilled martini. The olive oil makes it a smooth ride to Silky Town, baby. 🍸🍸🍸




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