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Prospect's Lament

November 6, 2018

Some of you know that beyond the borders of electronic cocktail land, I’m a visual effects artist. Which explains at least 33% of my extreme nerdiness. I’ve just finished work on a tv series - Mayans MC, the follow-up to Sons of Anarchy. If you haven’t seen either I say: WTH? Grab a mezcal cocktail and get started! I’m super proud to have worked at a great company, @refuge_studio, where we work hard but also have an excellent time. My talented team created a bunch of animals, including a possum, a cat, a cockroach, a snake. We did a whole bunch of other Magics but I will just let you keep your eyes peeled 👀 Tonight is the FINALE so I wanted to celebrate a great show and crew with this drink:
Prospect’s Lament
1.5 oz mezcal (Sombra)
1 oz Ancho Reyes (Ancho chile liqueur)
.75 oz strawberry shrub
.75 oz Aperol
.5 oz lemon juice
You will understand the title and some of the imagery in the photo when you watch the series. It’s intended to convey the visual mood of the show, and there is a candle for each episode (10). This drink is smoky, burny, bitter, and somehow delicious. Like the show, it’s not for the faint of heart ❤️ Congrats to all involved, and who made it all look EZ 🤭😃😉



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