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Lavender Bees Knees

October 1, 2018

Hi honeys! This week’s buzz has been all about bees - and brands, bartenders, and instagrammers came together to remind us how important bees are to our lives and ecosystem. Barrel Hill Gin sponsored Bees Knees Week - many bars featured Bees Knees cocktails and many IGers did some bee-autiful drinks. I’m a little late to this bee party since I spent the weekend in Hood River, OR, which is spectacular. I love a lavender version of this drink so I whipped up this baybee with freshly picked lavender and local lemon frozen yogurt by Mike's Ice Cream in Hood River. If you look closely you can see the little bees on this cool glass. I may or may not have enjoyed this delicious drink pre-breakfast 😬 But I hiked a LOT, OKAY! And there were occasional moments of sobriety.


I first had a Lavender Bees Knees in San Francisco, and I'm pretty sure it was at Holy Water.  I took this recipe from Epicurious and I always quadruple it (because you want MORE) and increase the lemon juice otherwise it is too sweet for me.




I also steep the lavender longer if I'm using dried lavender as opposed to just-picked.


To talk a moment about Barrel Hill Gin - I am in LOVE with their juniper/raw honey gin.  It is just amazing.  Watch this space for more cocktails featuring it, and check out them out here:




I'm very proud to live in a state that really takes care of its bee population.  Portland specifically makes me beam with pride.  We have beekeeping classes at our community college (I took one - it was amazing!), and local businesses (including a boutique hotel with an amazing bar - Club Deluxe) keep bees on their rooftops.  There are many urban beekeepers, and a non-profit organization dedicated to bees and local beekeepers.  I love you, Portland!




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