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Circus Cherry Lemon Drop

September 23, 2018

A lemon drop is a drink I rarely make at home but will order at a bar if they have great vodka and I want something cold and sweet/tart. If there’s a thing that makes me cranky it’s a sugar rim that gloops all down the glass and makes your fingers sticky 👿 I recently discovered cotton candy grapes and boy do they work well for a nice clean rim and a hint of cotton candy flavor. Cotton candy will never not be a circus flavor for me 🍡🍭
Circus Cherry Lemon Drop
1.5 oz Cherry Vodka @threeolives
.5 oz Cointreau .75 oz lemon juice
Cotton candy grape
Slit your circus grape and rim your glass with it, then roll in sugar. In shaker with ice, shake first three ingredients, strain into glass and give it a little squeeze of the grape juice for a big top finish.



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