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Watermelon Cloud Forest

July 12, 2018

Lucky me to have been gifted some homemade lime-infused Paranubes by my clever friend @theantigenius. If you’re like me, your response to this is, “What thee hell is Paranubes? A meta Egyptian god?” And then you think of a bunch of Very Bad puns that have no business seeing the light of day. Anyway. Paranubes is a Oaxacan rum made from the sugar cane harvested in a high-altitude “cloud forest.” I am not one of those impressive encyclopedian posters; there is plenty of eloquent online info on it. I will tell you that it is delicious - smooth and silky, and adding lime to it is an inspired idea. Getcha some for daiquiris, or a...
Watermelon Cloud Forest
2 oz lime-infused Paranubes Rum
2 cups watermelon chunks
Squeeze of fresh lime
Blend it up, drink it down. You could add a little simple syrup or liqueur but for me that’s some overkill right there. 🍉🥃❄️




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