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Pet Peeve

June 28, 2018

As some of you know, I got a new puppy recently. His name is Toast and he is a charmer and also a little gremlin. Yesterday I gave him a bath so he would be all clean for puppy school. On the way to school, Toast took the largest dump of his life in the back seat of my car. I was stuck in traffic so he stepped in it and attempted to cover it, spreading it around even more. I managed to get him pretty much cleaned up in time but during class he mercilessly attempted to hump this poor little French bulldog. Someone called him a perv. At the end of class I said to Frenchie’s owner, “I’m sorry your dog got molested.” Mommy needed a cocktail last night. Why you gotta do me like that, Toast? 🤣🐶



2 oz coconut infused black strap rum @cruzanrum
.5 oz ginger liqueur @newdealpdx
.25 oz rich green tea simple made with brown sugar
Dash sesame oil
Super shake shake, strain, garnish with roasted seaweed. Drink to the many teachings of life with puppy 🥂🌟



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