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The Bird is the WORD

June 25, 2018

The other night my instagram and IRL friend @migsology and I collaborated on a cocktail inspired by the tiki bitters kindly sent to us by @modernbarcart. The original idea was a mashup of Jungle Bird and Last Word cocktails. Migs shook up this delightful drink:
Equal parts:
Dr Bird Moscatel Cask Finish Rum
Cherry cordial @skunkbrothers
Pineapple juice
Two dashes tiki bitters @dcembitterment
Shake with ice; strain.
It was delish! We were having so much fun that a good photo did not occur.  Today I decided to riff on it a bit to add some additional components from the Last Word. I added some green chartreuse, lime juice. Then I added more pineapple juice then I ended up in an avalanche of pointlessness as the drink became more muddled with too many flavors. I was going to call it THE LAST BIRD, so let’s call it that, flush it down the toilet, and tell the kids it went to a special bird farm to live out it’s days in chirpy bliss.




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