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Balsamic Swan

June 7, 2018


Sometimes you make a little Ugly Duckling of a cocktail. It’s brown. The black pepper rim looks like dirt. Garnishing it would be about as pointless as putting a tiara on a fence post. And yet... it is deluscious. I got some amazing strawberry balsamic from my local shop @theoliveandvine and this stuff is so good I can sip it on its own <hiccup>. Splurge on some high quality balsamic and it may give your life a new meaning. This drink is smoooooth and tangy 😋
Balsamic Swan
1.5 oz tequila anejo 
.75 oz strawberry balsamic 
.75 oz fresh lime juice
.25 oz Cointreau @cointreau
Black pepper/Himalayan pink salt
Shake/stir/strain first four ingredients with ice; add a pinch of coursely ground black pepper. Optional: rim glass with black pepper and a bit of pink salt. Be proud if it looks like a Pinterest Fail (which is pretty much my brand 😉)




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