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Sparkle Motion Aviation

April 26, 2018

My name is Chixology and I have a sparkle obsession. I also have an Aviation obsession. It’s one of my favorite cocktails and it’s made my glittered heart happy to see it on a lot of cocktail menus lately. Warning: I have discovered cake decorating dust as a cocktail ingredient so things might get mad sparkly up in here 💜✨🌟
Sparkle Motion Aviation
2 oz gin #esmegin
.5 oz maraschino liqueur @luxardoofficial
.25 oz Creme de Violette
.75 oz fresh lemon juice
Pinch of magic cake decorating dust
Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into glass with maraschino cherry. Trip balls while you watch the glitter swirl around. 



You can find cake decorating dust on amazon:


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