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Gin Hound

December 30, 2017

I have a confession: sometimes I’m a horrible party guest 😬 Recently I was at a gathering where I hardly knew anyone. My ears perked up when I heard someone say “celery bitters,” so I chased the sound like a pup would chase a squirrel. To my horror, the person was saying that celery in drinks sounded awful and why would anyone use celery in anything other than a Bloody Mary. My one friend in attendance saw the horror on my face and slowly backed away, knowing I was about to unleash a Cocktail Nerd Bomb(tm). Which I did. I won’t regale you with the enthusiastic and colloquial details, but let us say that this cocktail from the @deathandcompanyModern Classic Cocktails book was part of my verbal ammo. In honor of the monthly boozy book club, a genius event dreamed up by @mmydrinks over on Instagram, I give you:
2 oz London Dry Gin
.5 oz celery juice
.5 oz lime juice
.5 oz honey syrup
Shake with ice/stir/strain. Personally, I like to add a pinch of salt. Needless to say, home bartenders LOVE this book. It makes us really popular at parties (?🤔🤭)


*Also, my new nickname.

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