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PDX Pumpkin Martini

November 23, 2017

I’m not saying I moved to Portland because of a cocktail. But trust me, I have done crazier things for much less important reasons. Years ago I visited for Thanksgiving and the bartender at my hotel made me the most delicious pumpkin martini and I’ve been attempting to replicate it ever since. This year’s is my best so far.
PDX Pumpkin Martini
Homemade pumpkin butter (recipe linked below)
2 oz bourbon #twostarsbourbon
.5 oz ginger liqueur #newdealdistillery
.5 oz vermouth #carpanoantica
.5 oz sage simple syrup
Fried sage leaf
My intention was to fat wash the bourbon with pumpkin butter. Having never made pumpkin butter, I found out there’s no actual butter in it. Ha ha. So the bourbon didn’t separate in the freezer. But keep it in the freezer anyway; it keeps the mixture smooth and heavy. Then shake vigorously or blend all ingredients and garnish with a fried sage leaf. Happy pre-Thanksgiving, turkeys!'


Pumpkin butter recipes are pretty similar, here is the one I used.  Simple, easy, deelushus.






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