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Boozy Cardigan

November 12, 2017

My local coffee shop, The Great North (@thegreatnorthpdx)


has one of my favorite coffee drinks in the universe. It’s called a Cardigan Latte and it has a subtle anise flavor and is garnished with freshly grated orange peel and cinnamon. It’s Un. Real. As with most things in my life, I drink it and think, “This would also be spectacular with booze.” And so:
Boozy Cardigan
1.5 oz spiced rum #krakenrum
.5 oz coffee liqueur #housespiritsdistillery
Shot espresso 
1 dash orange bitters
Steamed milk
Infuse star anise in espresso for a bit - I did it for an hour. Place espresso, rum, coffee liqueur, and bitters in a small saucepan on warm stove. Meanwhile, steam your milk with more star anise. Stir it all together, top with foam, garnish with grated orange peel, cinnamon and anise. Employ your best and most colorful cuss words when it starts raining on your drink while you’re trying to photograph it 😄☔️

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