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Owl Have That One

September 26, 2017

I was at max dork when I got to visit Canon Seattle yesterday.  They have a James Beard nomination and have won tons of other awards.  But most importantly, they were incredibly generous and and cordial.  Carlton greeted me and knew my name from my reservation and lovely Lindsay made me two absolutely thrilling drinks. I honestly couldn't stop smiling- I'm sure I looked like the biggest goofball sitting there grinning and taking pictures of everything. But hey, story of my life 😄😬   I wish I could have stayed for another 2-4, but both my drinks were off the hookenstein.
#1 - Owl Have That One: Absolut elyx, scotch, mango, passionfruit, fresh lemon, aperol, lime bitters, cava. I mean, c'mon. This drink name is right up my alley. And the vessel is such a hoot. <groan/sorry!>
#2 - Bitter Petals: Gin, byrrh, campari, chocolate, flower, bitters. Delicious negroni variations are my jam, and Bitter Petals might just be my new nickname.



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