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Quaintrelle (n.)

September 14, 2017

a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life's pleasures #lifegoals.  Quaintrelle is a new favorite restaurant here in Portland, and it's one of those places that feels revelatory.  You know that giddy feeling when you make a restaurant/bar discovery that's so good you just about bust a gasket dying to tell everyone about it?  This... is that.  First of all, their well-crafted cocktails had me grinning like an idiot and I'm going to need to try the rest.  The cocktail menu is spectacular and seasonal so I'm just going to have to go back... a lot.  It was seriously hard to choose two drinks, but both my choices were spectacular.  Pictured here is the smoky, prickly, refreshing Old Soul: tequila, mezcal, vecchio del capo, ancho reyes, pineapple gomme, lime, sea salt.  I also had the smooth and delicious Midnight Special: bourbon, sherry, gran classico, lemon oil, egg white.  On top of this, the FOOD was un. real.  If you live in Portland, go here immediately.  If you visit Portland I'm going to insist that you go.  I'm not particularly good at writing about food - I end up sounding like Dougie Jones (if you'll forgive the perhaps-obscure Twin Peaks joke) just mumbling a couple of words.  But one of the best dishes I've had in the last few years was a starter of raw beef, cauliflower, peanuts, habanada peppers, wasabi.  A close second on course2:  tomatillos, peaches, barley, hazelnuts, pardon peppers, feta.  Such inventive, unique combinations that make my mouth water in the remembering.  I won't mention that I also had a delectable dessert because that might sound gluttonous :)




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