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Peppadews and Happy Skeleton Butterfly Guy

June 3, 2017

So how do you feel about Peppadews? Because I'm over the moon for these tangy South African peppers. Kinda sweet, a little spicy, a reason to be really forward and ask them to be your margarita for a night. I had some in my fridge, plus some blood orange liqueur, and this happened:
Peppadew Blood Orange Margarita
2 oz silver tequila 
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz blood orange liqueur 
1 oz Peppadew brine (or whatever the stuff in the jar is called)
.75 oz simple syrup
The blood orange liqueur is less sweet than say, Cointreau. So you'd want to adjust the sweetness accordingly depending on your liqueur availability. And I decided to keep the peppers in the drink because they are just so delicious. I got this little skeleton dude in Oaxaca a few years ago. He was almost as excited as I was over this margarita... almost.



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