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One Year of Instagramming

July 10, 2017

A year of intense cocktailing, 100 posts, over 1100 followers... Holy wow, and queue cheesy music. I can't thank you all enough for your support, friendship, inspiration, and for making me laugh. One year ago today I was at a conference in Palm Springs in search of meaning, and was not finding it. So I ditched it and hopped over to one of my favorite bars, Bootlegger Tiki, sat there sipping mind-blowing cocktails, ogling their syrups, asking the bartender inane questions, and taking some rather crappy photos. A drunkbro said to me: "You seem like a savant, sitting there absorbing everything." Well, at least he was an eloquent and perceptive drunkbro 😀 So right there at the bar I mocked up a logo and posted some pics. Three tiki drinks later, Chix IG was born in a joyful cloud of rum fumes and magic tiki potions. For me, this past year has been a freefall - a hopeful experiment. And you guys don't know it but you've replaced a community I thought I'd lost. We have a great tribe. Cheers and a multitude of thanks to you all! This one's for you: basil-infused gin and tonic with a splash of cucumber liqueur and a weird little flower I found growing in my yard.



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