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Black Ice Experiments

August 14, 2017

I've been experimenting with black ice lately, and also thinking about dragon glass (apologies to non-Game of Thrones unforches). Nu-uh, I'm not nerdy, YOU are. Anyway. I'm feeling a little better about the dragon glass situation with a certain King in the North on the case. Obviously his level head and good looks will save the day. In my latest black ice attempt, I attempted putting the encapsulated charcoal in hot water to dissolve it before freezing. It gave me the unexpected yet cool result of geometric patterning. I also froze it in a cookie sheet this time and then broke it to make it more shardy. If it doesn't kill whitewalkers, I will quickly knock back this little cocktail: equal parts gin/Aperol/lemon juice, with a blast of strawberry syrup.



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