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September 23, 2019

Did you guys watch the TV show Legion on FX? If not, hell - you must watch it. It’s one of the best shows in recent years. Incredible design, cinematography, music, psychological fuckery. It sticks with you. You want to talk to your friends about it. You want to downl...

May 10, 2019

Chixology takes a break from relentless flower explosion photos to suck a drink out of a glass globe. Did I drive 30 minutes to Sonic Drive-In to get a big cup of their pellet ice for this drink? Yes I did. Did I then leave it in the car too long and it mostly melted?...

May 7, 2019

I’m about to start flower-bombing yer *sses! Can’t help it, the spring lighting and flowering is too good. This is one of my favorite go-to drinks from the Death & Company cocktail book. You can tweak it in so many small ways and it’s always mind-bendingly fantastic. T...

April 1, 2019

With a few fun people in my life (my friends have hidden ducks in their inimitable tiki bar), I suddenly am surrounded by rubber duckies. This morning these ones woke me up squawking that they want to be Instagram stars. OK duck divas, this one’s for you

December 21, 2018

It’s the jolly time of #SecretSanté, a Secret Santa cocktail exchange for all the good boys and girls of instagram, created by the OG Booze Santa @servedbysoberon 🎅🏻🍹. I was delighted to draw the lovely @drinks_with_jude to create a cocktail for. Jude, where had you...

November 6, 2018

Some of you know that beyond the borders of electronic cocktail land, I’m a visual effects artist. Which explains at least 33% of my extreme nerdiness. I’ve just finished work on a tv series - Mayans MC, the follow-up to Sons of Anarchy. If you haven’t seen either I sa...

October 30, 2018

This past weekend my genius friend Ryan (@booft) threw a spectacular Halloweendini party to celebrate magic and his own Halloween birthday - and to honor the 92nd anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death on Halloween. There were cool costumes, great drinks, and some of us...

December 21, 2017

Aw, Fall. I hate to see you go, but...
I Love to Watch You Leaf
2 oz gin 
1 oz grapefruit liqueur 

1 oz Aperol
Mint leaves
Muddle a handful of mint leaves with some lovely gin. Add your grapefruit liqueur, Aperol, vivid squeeze of lemon, ice. Shake...

December 9, 2017

As a negroni fanatic, I constantly make different versions.  And I've been hearing about the infamous Toffee Negroni from all my Instagram friends for the longest time.  This baby is equal parts Amontillado sherry, Aperol and aged rum, and it it's so delicious it will...

September 30, 2017

I did something pretty rude and picked possibly my last rose of summer and shoved it in a cocktail. But listen, a cocktail instagrammer is a cruel mistress. Plus, she made my cocktail taste better and this is honestly the way I'd like to go when my time comes.

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Mixology.  Chicks. Home bartending.  Fun. Taking pictures and goofing off. Creating new drinks.  Making up cool drink names. Telling stories. Being creative.
Exploring Portland, OR looking for great drinks and bars with mad style.  
Because cocktails make us awesome!

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